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Cathy Weiss: Spiritual Printmaker

Spirituality is not common in the art world; in fact it is not common in our daily lives unless you seek it out.  Choosing to use a spiritual element as part of the context of any art piece can be challenging for many reasons but Cathy Weiss has created a lifetime’s worth of work centered on her Jewish culture as well as other cultures. 

At first one is just drawn to it, the fluidity and the beauty and the colors, they all speak to us on some level.  Then as one examines Weiss’ work closer, as one must, there is this connection that one feels towards the female form and the way it seems to flow with the subtle wind coming from passersby.  On some level one might believe that we are all searching for a connection to a spiritual element within ourselves, and Weiss’ work gives us that doorway to discussion and exploration.  “I believe if we all took hold and concentrated on love, light and peace, our world would be a better place. I feel I want to contribute to bringing more light and understanding to our world. I’m hoping (my art) will inspire others to as well,” said Weiss.

Weiss herself created work through instinct and realized later the various elements that connected to Judaism. Within the pieces of woodcarvings and printmaking that Weiss creates there is the repetitive figure that appears, that a female form.  She takes on this role that is meant to speak to us on whatever level we allow her to, which makes Weiss’ pieces something more than just an art piece but a message, one that hopefully when you see her work in person will be the message you have been looking for.  

To see Cathy Weiss' work in person check out the following exhibitions.
Installation at the Craft & Folk Art Museum: September 24, 2015-January 3, 2016 
Installation at LAX Airport Terminal 3 with installation beginning in October 2015 and up until May 2016

Cathy Weiss poses surrounded by her lanterns and print work at her studio in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, CA.  Photo © Aimee Santos

'Transient Beauty' 89"x73"x5" by Cathy Weiss

Cathy Weiss works on prepping a piece surrounded by an installation that is for the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles, CA.  Photo © Aimee Santos

Weiss works on a wood cut piece at her home in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, CA. Photo © Aimee Santos

A detail shot of one of Weiss' wood cuts shows the amount of detail she puts into each piece that is part of a larger message.  Photo © Aimee Santos

'What Will You Do?' 80"x20"x5" by Cathy Weiss

Weiss presses a thin sheet of fabric onto a wood cut to transfer the image multiple times.  Photo © Aimee Santos

"As part of Big Sunday each year I create a big mosaic sun along with my husband and community and have it installed in a public place, another way I try to spread a little light." said Cathy Weiss.

Working on a wood cut on her kitchen table is just one of the areas Weiss takes over in her home in the Hollywood Hills.  Photo © Aimee Santos

Weiss works on a wood cut of an owl at her studio in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, CA.  Photo © Aimee Santos

A freshly inked wood cut lays on the table in her home studio in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, CA. Photo © Aimee Santos

A detail shot from an element of Weiss' installation for the Craft and Folk Art Museum.  Photo © Aimee Santos

'A Sweet Fragrance' 84"x37"x2" by Cathy Weiss.