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Leo Limon: GraphFX Activist

What would the streets be without the color?
What would the streets be without the people who make that color?
Many street artists go under cover of darkness to land their creations along buildings and abandoned places so as not to be caught, but not Leo.  Leo Limon walks along the Los Angeles River and creates the 'Gatos' as if they are all waiting for him to reveal them with his spray cans.  Limon's work brings a smile to the face of the businessman, the cyclist, the daily walker, his work is universal in its touch.  

Riding his bike from Downtown LA Limon, who served in the army, creates work that touches all demographics of the community, it's as if his art gives strangers that moment to chat and smile about something new within their midst.  For over 35 years he has been painting murals, especially along the LA river.  In the beginning he applied and received permits to paint there but in the end they still painted over them.  So now, Limon just paints and if they cover up the Gatos then he'll paint them again and again and again.  

Being that May is Bike Month it seems only fitting to encourage everyone out there to get on their bikes and take a ride down to the LA River and keep your eyes peeled for a Gato or two hiding in plain sight. 

To meet Leo Limon in person, see a documentary about him and get an autographed copy of an accompanying book register for his upcoming event this June 17, 2017 at Maker City LA The Reef. 

In Limon's practice there is a great respect for the environment around his art.  Before beginning he places incence nearby to bless the space.

It's all about the nozzel when it comes to painting with a can.  Limon keeps his clean and ready for use for his next masterpiece.

Yolotl Olin it's the symbol Limon paints near all his pieces it means "The heart of the movement we all are."

Seen through the art benches at a park near the LA River Limon paints a bench he helped design but felt it could be seen better in a different color so he changed it.  

The storm drain covers along the LA River have the unique shape of what looks like cats so Limon creates his own version of how he sees them.